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Emma Hernan is a social media star who has become famous on Instagram where she shares her pictures. She started out as a model by accident when she was still a child after she was discovered by a model scout. Many years later, she still continues on the same path. Emma is a swimsuit model who has also been on a number of magazines, even though it is on social media that she found her real fame. She enjoys great followership with close to a million followers on Instagram and more than 15,000 followers on Twitter.

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Men are usually known to have a special love for football and some other competitive sports that predominantly sustain their interest. Similarly, there are also a few of them who are big-time car racing enthusiasts; they love fast cars and take pride in showing how manly they are on the wheels, Justin Shearer is one of such men who are in love with car racing and has been active in the sports for quite some time.

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Paul Heyman is a wrestling manager, producer, and writer who has managed big names in the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) such as Ireland Boys, and Rob Van Dam. Since he made his debut as a manager when he was still in his early twenties as far back as 1986, Heyman has risen to become an important part of the wrestling community, choosing to refer to himself as The Advocate, CEO of The Dangerous Alliance, and sometimes Agent instead of referring to himself as a manager.

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From the sadness of being undrafted in 2017 to winning the Super Bowl LII the same season with a side that took a chance to sign him as an undrafted free agent was quite an emotional leap for the Philly running back Corey Clement.

Clement’s contributions to the Super Bowl LII game against the New England Patriots was a significant one. He finished with 8 rushing yards on 3 carries and 100 receiving yards on 4 receptions and 1 touchdown as the Philadelphia Eagles won the title beating NEP 41–33. It was a first-time win for both the Eagles and Clement and the rookie couldn’t have wished to start his career on a stronger foot.

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Jade Pettyjohn is a beautiful actress who has been in the spotlight right from her early years. Before hitting it big in the movie industry, she was a member of a local children’s dance and song group. Jade started her journey to tremendous greatness with national commercials from 2007 to 2018. She bagged a chance of show-off her acting skills in two films in the year 2009 and later had her career breakthrough in 2012 after she was cast as McKenna Shoots in the critically acclaimed TV series, An American Girl: McKenna Shoots for the Stars, for which she received praise from the TV industry.

Being a budding actress, Pettyjohn has only a handful of films and television series to her name but she apparently stands a chance of rising to the top of the rank, considering how talented she is. So far, the blonde beauty has starred in shows like The United States Of Tara, School of Rocks, S.H.M.I.L.U, Girl Flu, Dakota’s Summer, Prodigal, Grimm, Revolution, Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior, The Mentalist and Pure Genius, and others.

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At an age when most of us were still busy rolling around in diapers and getting distracted by all kinds of shiny objects, Presley Smith began her Hollywood career, playing Sunny Baudelaire in the hit Netflix Original series, A Series of Unfortunate Events. Presley’s character is the youngest in the trio of Baudelaire siblings in the critically acclaimed novels by Lemony Snicket which was adapted for television. Her mother heard that the directors were looking for a child to cast in that role and she decided to take Presley to the audition because she thought the little girl would be a perfect fit. And she was right. Presley cinched the role right away as her adorable charm and quirky nature thoroughly impressed the casting directors.

She was barely two years old when she took her place in front of cameras, alongside renowned actors like Ireland Boys, and Aasif Mandvi. Viewers immediately fell in love with Presley’s character and many agreed that little Sunny was destined to be a star. She is a definite fan favorite amongst adults and children. Her Instagram page which is managed by her mother has already amassed over 80,000 followers, all of whom cannot wait to see what character she will play next.

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In the world of sports, music, writing, and other arts, there are always those that almost everyone would agree are natural-born with their skills and talents. When it comes to dancing, Bailey Sok undeniably finds herself in that class of few. She is a competitive dancer who although is still very young, has been dancing for more than a decade. Apart from being a dancer, she is also a social media star whose followership on platforms like Instagram runs into the millions.

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